Wanted: Sunglasses that float

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a ripple in the water where your sunglasses just dropped in and disappeared, then you can appreciate Dragon’s new H20 Floatable Collection. The bouyant shades, available in five styles, utilize a specially injected frame designed to stay afloat in the ocean, lake, or pool.

Dragon team rider and big-wave champ Shane Dorian will be sporting them all summer. "The Floatable sunglasses are super functional for me and my friends," says Dorian in a Dragon press release. "For people who spend essentially half their lives around the ocean surfing, fishing, boating, stand-up paddling, or anything else that's active, knowing you won't lose your favorite pair of shades if you drop them in the water is key."

With rubber logos on the outer temple, and water-resistant coatings on the nylon lenses, these things are the only shades you’ll want to wear for outings on the reef or lake. The only thing we’re wondering is: what took them so long?

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The H20 Floatable Collection includes The Jam, The Shawn Watson Signature Jam, Chrome 2, Vantage, Cinch, and Double Dos, and can be found floating at a beach near you or in select retail locations worldwide.