Wednesday Wants: 2/29

Wednesday Wants

For some reason, Wednesday is a day that makes us want shit—kind of like a weekly version of our list to Santa. Here's a short list of five things that we want—simple as that.

Channel Islands Neckbeard
(w/new rounded squash tail)
Go ahead and call Neckbeards ugly and trendy, we'll call them wonderful and fun as hell. There are a few Neckbeards floating around the office and we love them. But we just saw that Dane and Chanel Islands have added a new Neckbeard model with a rounder tail option. We don't have any of these new models around the office, and we REALLY want some!
$ Varies

The Mad Hui's
Hat and Singlet (they call tank tops "singlets" in Australia)
All the cool kids in Australia are rocking gear from The Mad Hui's. Who are The Mad Hui's? Well, if you don't know, you need to jig the bottom of the Internet and get up on the nuts of the Hui's! Anyway, not many peeps in the USA have Mad Hui's gear, so be the first on your block to proclaim, "Where the f—k’s is my beer!" Party hard with The Mad Hui's.
$20 (Aussie dollars)

Issue 52 January/February 2012
Whenever a new issue of Stab comes in to the TransWorld SURF office it gets passed around and manhandled like a sex doll in prison. The editors at Stab have the keen and enviable talent for getting the world's sexiest (and most talented) top female pro surfers to disrobe, and in Issue 52, they've truly outdone themselves. Featured on the cover and gracing many a page inside this issue of Stab are beautiful and revealing shots of one of our favorite surfers, Sage Erickson who is looking drop dead gorgeous in her photo spread. Find and purchase this issue, it's truly a collector's item. Oh yeah, Bruce Irons is on the other cover, blindfolded in a barrel at Teahupoo.

Iphone case/bottle opener
Opening bottles is part of the fun of being a grown up. Some "real men" can open bottles with anything from a car key to a fingernail—an amazing talent that is earned as it's learned. Anyway, this iPhone 4 case has a slide out bottle opener on it! It takes a bit of the fun out of opening bottles with spoons and sides of tables, but it's a great conversation piece and lets you get right to the best part of opening the bottle, drinking what's inside of it.

The Supertide
How many times have you been the guys that asks, "What's the tide doing?" Wouldn't you rather be the guy that just knows what the f—k the tide is doing? Well, if you want to be the guy that knows these things; get yourself the Supertide by Nixon. With pre-programmed tide charts and sunrise sunset data for over 200 beaches, 48 hour future tide, heat timer, light and a high resolution display technology—you never have to be the dude asking one of the most over-asked questions in the world.