Wednesday Wants 3/14

Wednesday Wants 3-14
Highlighting the surf gear we're in not-so-desperate need of...

Brixton Fender Guitar And Record Case
Brixton | Fender Guitar and Record Cases
Brixton and Fender is a match made in rock-n-roll heaven. It was only a matter of time until they did a project together, and this first one is ripping. Holding up to 25 records safely and with style, the Brixton | Fender Record case is the perfect case to bring a set or two of vinyl tunage to your next gig. The guitar is equally as cool looking and just as functional as the LP case. The only problem with carrying this Fender case around with you is that hot chicks might think you are in a band and start throwing their panties at you--so be careful of flying panties when walking with either of these items.--CC
LP case: $105
Guitar case: $215

Toyota Tacoma WW
2012 Toyota Tacoma
Now that my 2001 Tacoma is beginning to show its age (only cosmetic--these things are bulletproof!) I'm in the market for a new truck. You can keep your Prius, I want something that can handle a bit of dirt and shit, something like a 2012 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab. I don't need all the bells and whistles--just the metallic grey and an upgrade on the tires and I've got another ten years of not worrying about whether or not my truck will start every morning. In my mind (and that of Damien Hobgood), the Tacoma is the ultimate surf vehicle. Now if I could just come with $25,000...--JC

DC Chris Cole Skateboard Shoes
DC Cole Lite S
Skate shoes are not created equal and a lot of us have the heel bruises, ankle tweaks, stubbed toes, and worn knees to prove it. When Chris Cole was added to the DC skate program, he set out to create the most advanced skate shoe on the market without making the bells and whistles too visible from the outside. The result is the DC Cole Lite S, a clean and simple looking skate shoe that is light, sticky to your grip tape, and long lasting. They will not give you the balls the jump down a lot of stairs or do switch backside tailslides--but they will just be one more weapon in your skate arsenal to help you progress.--CC

Riffe Euro Speargun
Riffe E-130 Euro Speargun
With the water temps warming up and a buddy with a new boat, it's time to start thinking about spearfishing. I've already got smaller guns in the arsenal, now it's time to step it up and go after some bigger fish with Riffe's E-130 Euro series speargun. This bad boy has a range of 26' and rigged with a reel is capable of taking down white sea bass, yellowtail, dorado, and more pelagic fish.--JC

JS Revolution
5'8" 19.25" x 2.25" JS Industries "Revolution"
Beat the upcoming summertime blues with this new model from JS Industries. Ridden a few inches than your standard shortboard, the "Revolution" has become the board of choice for guys like Jack Freestone and Joel Parkinson when the waves get on the smaller side. Paired with a pair of Kinetic Racing fins and you'll no longer need a longboard or fish.--JC

Lifeproof iPhone Case
Lifeproof Waterproof iPhone Case
I already have one but I've been preaching the value of a Lifeproof iPhone case ever since I snapped my iPhone 4 into one a few months ago. Matter of fact, I just keep the phone in there all the time now. Good thing too--just this morning I knocked my phone off the nightstand and into a glass of water. With the ability to act as a phone, video camera, and still camera while you’re out surfing, you can spend even more time glued to your iPhone!--JC