Wednesday Wants 3/21

iPad 3
Don't act like you don't want an iPad 3--don't be that person, just admit that your life would improve with one. I was one of the many dipshits who bought an iPad right when it came out and after like, a year and half or whatever, the newest one is light years beyond the one I bought. So, for those of you who were waiting "for the next one", don't wait anymore, just buy this thing now and rub it in the stupid faces everyone who owns "the old iPad", like me.--CC
$500 plus

Christian Fletcher Tees
Christian Fletcher Surfboards Tee Shirt
I grew up worshipping Christian Fletcher and endlessly watching all his movies, especially Christian Fletcher Supernatural--such a sick flick. Anyway, I always wanted a Christian Fletcher Surfboards Tee Shirt (even though I never had one of the boards). My gromhood was great, except for the fact that I never got a CF Surfboards t-shirt. Well, my life is now complete 'cause just the other day, I got two of them from Christian himself! The sickest shirts ever are back on the market and are looking amazing as ever, get yours now!--CC

Macbeth Mathew Vegan Shoes
Macbeth Mathew Vegan Shoes
Spring is here and it's time to add some color to your kit. The Macbeth Mathew line of shoes is expanding and some new color ways have been added to ensure that your feet will be bright, beautiful, and guilt-free. I'm not a vegan, I love to eat animals, but my conscience is getting full. By wearing vegan shoes, I can at least feel good about not killing a cow for a pair of shoes (even though I used these shoes to walk my fat ass in to In-N-Out Burger yesterday).--CC

Uli Inflatable SUP
Uli Inflatable SUP
With no surf in sight and spring break on my mind I'm getting ready for a little trip to the Colorado River this weekend. Unlike most SUPs the Uli's are inflatable and can fit into the trunk of most vehicles. At 14′ long x 31" wide and nearly 4" thick this bad boy will be stable enough for even the most inebriated spring breaker. My plan is to get a lift way up the river, strap a little cooler to it, and get into cool little coves and inlets that boats can't get access. Who knows, maybe I'll show my tits, too.--JC

Mark Healey Captain Ahab Electric Sunglasses

Mark Healey in his signature sunglasses from Electric.

Mark Healey's 'Captain Ahab' Polarized Shades From Electric Visual
As someone who likes to be on the water as much as possible, it's imperative that I wear polarized shades. Polarized lens cut through the glare and allow you to see right through the water. Mark Healey knows a thing or two about being on the water and he had a big hand in the design of the 'Captain Ahab' model from Electric. With 100% UV protection and fine Italian craftsmanship, these are a pair of shades anyone who spends time on the water has to have.--JC