Wednesday Wants 3/28

Skullcandy 'Pipe' Portable Speaker System
With beach season right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about posting up on la playa for hours on end. And while the sound of the waves is pleasant, sometimes you need to rock-n-roll. The Skullcandy 'Pipe' is perfect for the beach in that it's smaller than your forearm, operates (and doesn't wolf down) on AAA batteries, and gives you plenty of volume to get psyched before surf sessions.--JC


Aplinestars Bag
Alpinestars Dry Pack
Immediately after its day-glo green caught my eye, I stole this thing out of the TransWorld SURF office yesterday. It's a perfect bag for camera guys; the bag rolls up and is waterproof like any other dry bag, but the beauty of this one is the backpack-style shoulder straps attached to it. You could toss your camera bag into this bag anytime you need to swim your gear or leave it in the rain for an extended amount of time (like we did last month during our Caribbean camping trip).--Jerry Ricciotti


Insight Knitta Psych Mid Boardshorts
The Insight "Knitta Please" collection is f--king awesome and to me, the highlight is this pair of Knitta Psych Mid Boardshorts. They're not necessarily stretchy or functional for yoga poses, but damn they're good looking and I shit you not, my wife saw me in them and was very complimentary, I think they even helped me get some action--which is rare. Anyway, thanks for the sex, Insight--these shorts gave my wife the best two minutes of her month. --CC


Sanuk Beach Umbrella
Sanuk Umbrella
If you don't bring an umbrella to the beach, you're obviously immature and really want a sunburn. Umbrellas rule. They give you a home base, a marker to show you your friends where you're hanging out, they help hide your beer, and they give you shade--all things you NEED! The Sanuk umbrella features a "secret under-umbrella storage to hide your stuff"--this is key when your beach has strict rules like mine does. You can also put your cell phone and wallet up there for safekeeping. If you come to beach this summer, look for the green Sanuk umbrella, I'll be under it, doing illegal things.--CC



Hex iPhone Solo Wallet
Hex iPhone Solo Wallet
Right now, pull out the bulky, worn in wallet you have bulging out of your back pocket and inspect its contents: worthless receipts, old gift cards, one dollar bill, a credit card, ID, condoms; and then ask yourself, "How much of this shit do I really need everyday?" If you're like the majority of Americans and already own an iPhone, pick up the Hex iPhone "Solo Wallet," and minimize your life. This sleek, leather case has space for three cards on the back, meaning you can finally chuck that wallet filled with meaningless shit and get on with your life carrying only the essentials, sans back problems.--Zander Morton