‘Wednesday Wants’ Surf Gear 4-11

Skullcandy Headphones
Skullcandy Mix Master Headphones
Any of you out there watch the show, Portlandia? I love that show. Anyway, there's one skit they do about DJs. They are chased around town by normal people handing out flyers yelling, "Hey, I'm spinning tonight at … "--trust me, it's funny. Well, I'm sometimes one of those assholes who are like, "Hey you should come to (insert dive bar name here)--I'm DJing at 9:00, it's free." I'm not a real DJ, but I sometimes "DJ" bars. Real DJs are amazing, and if you've ever seen Mix Master Mike do it, you'll lose your shit, he's incredible. My point is, I just got these new Mix Master headphones and they are fantastic, except they make me look like I know how to DJ and I don't, but f--k it, they sound good, feel good, and might eventually get me laid, so I'm wearing them!--CC

Infinity Hoodie
Victory KoreDry SUP Hoodie
This quick dry hoodie from Infinity would not only be cool for keeping dry on a SUP voyage, but also while on a boat trip, kayak, jet ski, or you could wear it while riding a longboard. It's "hydrophobic" so it dries really quick, is like wearing 150 SPF rating sunscreen without the chemicals, and won't cling to your body when it is wet. I'm calling that the Victory KoreDry hoodie is something you have to bring on any surf trip or day on the water.--JC

Raen Sunglasses
Raen Sunglasses Limited Church Squire by Warren Smith
"You know what would look good on your face? Me." That's what these Limited Edition Raen "Church" Squires said to me the first time I saw them. Only a full time RX glasses wearer knows the joy of finding the perfect pair of frames for their face, these are mine. Glasses make you look smarter, and the lighter the color of the frame, the smarter you look--I'm gonna look like a f--king genius when I get my hands on these!--CC

Dupe HXP Gel
Dupé HXP Gel Sandal
I'm the kinda guy who doesn't wear shoes, it's only slippers or boots for this kid. That makes me an expert in slippers. That said, I don't like 'em over-designed and complicated--the simpler the better. As well, you should never pay more than $20 for a pair of slaps. Dupé, a brand out of Brazil, has nailed the "less is more" concept and their new "HXP Gel" model is like getting a foot massage as you walk thanks to the little nub of gel they put on the heel.--JC


Andrew Doheny Surfboard
Andrew "Droid" Doheny Hand Shaped Surfboard
I can't really call this a "Wednesday Want", 'cause I already have it. But I can say that I want another one. Andrew Doheny is one of my favorite surfers and humans. He shaped this board for me a while back when he first started shaping boards. He must have thought I was fatter than I am cause it's pretty bulky, but like me, bulky is beautiful. Anyway, I still owe Andrew $200 bucks for this one, but I want another one already. Maybe I could send him my sponsor-me tape and get on a trade-in program? Either way, Droid's hand shapes are looking amazing, I want one...another one.--CC
$Ask Droid

Anthony Marcotti Kandui Resort

Anthony Marcotti last week in the Mentawais. This was barrel #5 of 6 on just this one wave. Photo courtesy Kandui Resort.

Ten Days At Kandui Resort
Located smack dab in the middle of the Mentawais, Kandui Resort just had an epic run of swell, and one of the owners, Anthony Marcotti, got the wave of his life (above) after dozens of trips to the Ments. The place is simply amazing and worth every one of your hard earned pennies. The trips come in ten-day blocks, giving you a good shot at at least one swell while you're there. While the resort is pretty much booked for the next couple of months, you never know, spots open up from time to time. With a ton of world class spots a quick boat ride away, Kandui Resort is a must do at least once in your life.--JC
$290 per day (high season rate)

Fin keys are evasive little f--kers; no matter how many are scattered around your home, it's a guarantee you'll never find one when you need it most. Believe me: I live with three surfers that have stockpiled a quiver of over fifty surfboards, yet I was forced to turn our home upside down recently while frantically searching for a single, elusive key. With Fin-S, allen keys are a thing of the past. This new system uses a spring lock system to hold fins secure, and they can be put in or removed from a board in seconds, no key required. Most shapers are familiar with these guys now, try them out in your next board.--ZM
Price range: $20-$80