Wednesday Wants Surf Gear 4-18

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear 4-18

Kid Creature
The Chunk
Calvin "Kid Creature" Saxton never ceases to amaze me. A few months back I saw a quiver of odd looking, but immediately interesting surfboards shaped and drawn on by the kid himself. Of course we want whatever Kid Creature is selling and these boards are no different. Hand shaped with the joy and stoke of the world's most psyched grommet, each board is a one-off creation and they actually work! These are not perfect pop outs; they are chunky fun-sleds begging to be ridden. This board is called "The Chunk from the fat and single collection"--and yes, we want it bad. In fact, we want two, one to ride, and one to hang on the wall; these boards will no doubt be collector's items in the not so distant future.--CC

Roshe Run
It's not often that I get excited about a running shoe--I'm much more likely to froth out on a skate kick or vintage boot, but the new Nike Roshe Run has got the hidden sneaker head in me psyching. I actually first saw these shoes while on a tour at the Nike campus a few months back, my friend, Dylan, the shoe's designer gave me a sneak peak and after trying three times to steal the samples, I relented and made him promise to get me a set from the first run of production shoes. Well, I got them, I wear them every damn day, I could sleep in them (they're that comfortable) and I don't even have to beg for free one's because they were designed to be affordable for the entire human race. Zen embodied in a pair of shoes? Wonderful concept, amazing execution--Roshe Run is my vote for best shoe ever.--CC


Oceanside Surfboard Graveyard T Shirt
Steve Sherman is well known for his iconic photography as well as his passion for surfing and art. He has recently begun a project to make his legendary imagery wearable in the form of limited edition, hand made t-shirts created with all the love and passion he puts in to every photo he takes and every wave he catches. With images ranging from Andy Irons with his arms raised in preacher mode, to Kelly Slater's double flip off, to ghetto fabulous "White Boy No Rhythm" graffiti photo--each shirt is a piece of surf/skate history. It helps that cool kids like Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Eddie Vedder, and Occy are always repping T-Sherms, but guess what, Sherm is no elitist--anyone can get a T-Sherm shirt, you just have to know where to find them. Start by looking for Sherms car in the Seaside parking lot to buy one from Sherm himself, or go to UNIV (Encinitas, CA) or Surf Ride (Solana Beach, CA)--you could get lucky at one of those spots too.--CC


Hoodie Buddy
Baja Style Hoodie Buddie w/ HB3 Technology
The Mexican poncho comes in many forms, but the classic Mexican poncho used by surfers is the hooded version with the pocket in the front--usually bought while waiting in line to cross the border back in to America. You know, the one made most famous by Spicoli. Well, who would have thought that the classic surf poncho would have been given a high tech makeover, but it has thanks to our friends at Hoodie Buddie. The poncho is super soft and already worked in when you first get it, it has earbuds built it in, and a special zippered pocket for you iPod. After you wear the thing for two months straight and it starts to smell like bongwater, you can wash it and not worry about ruining the headphones--hell yeah! This is the perfect poncho for listening to music in math class, or just skipping class all together cause the line was so long at the vending machines.--CC


Have you ever gone on a surf trip with a friend with every intention to take turns filming each other, only to abandon the idea entirely the first morning when the waves are firing and no one is willing to sacrifice missing a minute in the water? Though we can't say for certain how well SoloShot actually works, the idea behind it is pretty rad. You set your camera on a tripod, wear a waterproof armband remote, and the camera automatically follows and records your every move. Only bummer: you better make sure to have a hot babe watching your setup (like in the advertisement video); as it would really suck to watch some derelict snag your Canon 7D while you’re helplessly stuck in the lineup.--ZM

Kona Brewing Co.
Longboard Lager Beer
It's no secret that we here at TransWorld SURF are fans of beer, especially the delicious brew that comes from the bros at Kone Brewing Co. Their main staple, Longboard Lager, now comes in a can which is perfect for the beach and other places you're not supposed to bring glass bottles. They've also thought about our fish and bird friends and designed a new plastic holder that when discarded, won't wrap around a bird's neck or become fish food. As far as the beer itself, it's a light one that pours out golden with just a bit of cloudiness--it's like a lighter version of Heineken without the skunky flavor.--JC
$6.99 or so for a six-pack