Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-31

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-31
Six killer new products and a skateboard giveaway!

Insight pants
Insight City Riot Jeans
I like my jeans to be somewhat tight, yet still flexible enough to bounce around and dance wildly, slamming my pelvic region in to every girl within thrust reach on the dance floor. I just found a pair of jeans that allow this kind of movement (oh, and skateboarding, too), they're called "City Riot" jeans made by Insight, below is a video they made to help push sales of these awesome jeans—SOLD! I am hoping for a green pair, as not only do I look great in green—but green jeans are in, and I like to be in.—Chris Coté

Neff Jacket
Neff Camp Reject Jacket
I'm not a fan of the Boy Scouts, I mean, Boy Scouts themselves are cool they're just kids—but the people that are in charge of the Boy Scouts are awful humans. With that being said, I do like Boy Scout fashion (wow, that sounded sketchy). I mean, what I'm trying to say is, I really like this jacket that Neff makes. I like the colors, it looks cozy, and I can wear it with a clean conscience knowing that I am dressed Boy Scoutish without actually supporting the Boy Scouts. Does any of that make sense?—CC

Pyzalian From Pyzel Surfboards
When the Lowers contest came to San Clemente; all the cool kids came to town. One morning while getting coffee at my local spot, I ran in to John Pyzel—yes, of Pyzel Surfboards. Turns out John had a few boards with him, yadda yadda yadda—I found myself test riding a 5'7 Pyzalian Diamond Tail and it was sick. Low rocker, wide nose, fast, loose, and easy to paddle—sounds like a great board for a dude like me who surfs waves that generally aren't amazing. Anyway, the board went sick, Pyzel is a bro, and I felt pretty cool walking down to the beach with the same board that John John rides.—CC

Plastic Skateboards Banana Boards
Sure there are a lot of plastic skateboards on the market right now, so what—there are a lot of everything on the market right now. Banana Boards are sick. Shit, they were designed by Lance Mountain, how could they not be sick? Anyway, the top is covered in 3D Grip Circles, the stock wheels and bearings are hella fast, and the retro vibe is just peachy. The boards are 23.2 inches by six inches and come in a six killer colors. And how 'bout this, the first three correct answers (in the comment section below) will each win a Banana Board set up! The question is: What food is Lance Mountain eating the opening segment of Bones Brigade Video Show: Part One? Answer in the comment section to win!—CC

OAM 6' Bede Durbidge Comp Leash/ OAM 8' Regular Leash
Here's a little public service notice: we're (supposedly) going into an El Niño winter, which means potential for some big storms. Stock up on a new leash or two now and save yourself from a long swim in after the first clean up set of the winter breaks in front of you and snaps your old, brittle leash. Seriously though, $25 or so is well worth it to have a bit of piece of mind. I'm a fan of OAM since my last leash from them lasted more than eight winters of getting pitched and bailing my board.—Casey Koteen

Uppercut X Insight Collab
Everyone's hip these days! From pomps to comb-overs, now hairstyles are becoming the exclamation point to your everyday fashion sentence. Normally, I'm a Murray's man but after of long night on the town and passing out with grease in your hair it can become pretty gross. Especially, when your lady stays over and gets a face full of greasy pillowcase. That's why I really like this Uppercut x Insight co-op. Not only are the two brands on point but combining forces on something like pomade rules. Plus, it's the perfect combo of waxy but thin enough to come out. Thanks Insight and Uppercut, well played…—Matt Sims
$22 exclusively at the Insight store in LA