Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-27

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-27

Nine bangers for your hard earned buck

Gary Hanel Fish
GH Surfboards 5'10" Retro Fish Quad
I wasn't a retro fish guy until I stole my wife's board and took it for a spin out at my local spot. I was hooked on the speed and flow and my regular shortboard hated me for it. But screw her (the board, not the wife), as I get older, it's not always about how many widget turns I can do, it's about having more fun in small surf. Seeing the light, I rang my old pal Gary Hanel and ordered up a 5'10" fish with four fin boxes. GH said it should be a bit more high performance than a twinnie but will still be loose and fast in the mush. I've also decided to get it glassed at Moonlight Glassing (who just merged with the Chris Christenson factory) to have airbrush guru Peter St. Pierre drop some magic on it. While I have your attention, GH's 2-year old granddaughter, Avery, is doing a long stay at Rady's Children Hospital and in need of chemo and stem cell transplant—if you have some extra coin, donate to a kid in real need at—Justin Coté 
$775 available at Surfy Surfy and Mollusk Surf Shop

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4/4s
This little number from Mophie has saved my ass a few times already. In my line of business—especially at events and surf contests—my phone is in constant use all day long whether it's posting photos on instagram, emailing, texting, etc. All of this drains the iPhone battery pretty quickly and there's no time to plug it into a power source. That's where the Mophie case comes in; charge your phone while it's in the case and when your battery starts to get low, simply flip the switch and you've got a fully charged phone. While it's a bit heavier than other phone cases, you get used to it pretty quick and it still fits into your pocket. Definitely one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" inventions.—JC

Switch 8 Recharging Kit by Goal Zero
At 3 ounces and about the size of a cigar it would seem silly to go anywhere without the tough and pocket-friendly Switch 8. When fully charged, you can charge your smartphone, mp3 player, or other small device in one- to three hours—pretty handy when you're on the move or away from a place to plug in. Even charge your GoPro. And when you're really away from it all, the kit comes with a Nomad 3.5 solar panel that can recharge the Switch 8 in five- to seven hours in the sun. You can also recharge the switch from any USB port in around 4 hours.—Hosse

Red Bull Editions
Red Bull has just released three new flavors, calling the new trilogy of energy goodness, "Red Bull Editions." The three flavors each marked by can color are as follows: Red is Cranberry, Silver is Lime, and Blue is Blueberry. A long, long time ago when I worked for Reef (mid-90s) I went to Austria for a snowboard contest and drank Red Bull before it was even available in America, that's when it was powerful and had actual bulls balls in it—tasted great. But I digress; my favorite flavor of the "Red Bull Editions" is by far lime (silver). I did a four person taste test in the office and nearly everyone agreed with me. So there you have it #ilikesilver.—Chris Coté

The Mahalo by Globe
Mark Appleyard could possibly the most stylish skater on a board right now. His effortless approach is pleasing the watch, and the fact that Apples is always smiling and having fun when he skates makes him that much better. Appleyard's goal with his new Globe shoe was to blend "casual styling with high impact skate performance," as well as a hefty dose of the Aloha spirit Mark has come to love—he's achieved all these things perfectly. This shoe is simple, comfortable, has great board feel, good grip, and will no doubt last through a lifetime of punishment. I give The Maholo an A, for Aloha … I'm actually throwing shakas down to my feet right now.—CC

Bananabeat Collab by Ethika
Getting fresh undies in the mail is always a welcome treat. Undies, like socks, are daily staples that get worn down quick, so having an ample supply of both is imperative to good living. My homie Malcolm at Ethika laced my mid-section up with a gaggle of fresh skivvies a few weeks back and my package is happy. Did any of that make sense? Either way, I went to the Ethika website and saw these black boxer shorts with a banana graphic sticking out of the peehole, I laughed, I ordered a pair. I don't care what you say, dick and fart jokes are always funny.—CC

Zoku Handicrafts
I personally am not a fan of head wear but these Zoku headbands definitely colorized my life and my outfits. Zoku Handicrafts is based out of San Diego, California, which means that it focuses on the arts and individuality of the beach culture. Now that springtime is here you can add this perfect accessory to go with those bikinis, dresses, booty shorts, etc. and the rad thing is that you can wear this accessory all year long and anywhere you want!—Renee Jung

Frends Headphones
When I found out that Frends was going to focus on innovating headphones for women and to be more compatible with women's fashion, I was beyond stoked. These headphones look and sound gorgeous. I am a sucker for bass and the sound quality of these headphones definitely caters to my ear's needs and now I get to tune out the world with style.—RJ

Monocycle skateboard by Landyachtz
Spring is in the air! That stokes me. It's 75-degrees here in San Diego and there are already bikinis on the beach and a peaky SW/NW combo in the water. One of my favorite things this time of year is skating down my street for a surf check and this Landyatchz "Monocycle" is key for a coastal cruise. Go to your local shred shop, pick one up and enjoy Spring Break!—Matt Sims