Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-23

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-23
He who dies with the most toys wins…

Creatures Of Leisure Leash
Creatures Of Leisure
Pro 6 Leash
There are two things I know about surfing Cloudbreak. 1) You want to takeoff on the waves that look like they're going to close out. 2) If you lose your board you are f--ked. With these two things in mind I've decided to bring a few new leashes for the upcoming Volcom Fiji Pro trip. Creatures Of Leisure has been in the game for ages and my last leash from them lasted the entire winter here in SoCal and the North Shore. The Pro 6 is six feet long and thick enough to withstand a Cloudbreak clean-up set yet thin enough to not cause a bunch of drag.--JC
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JW Oakley Frogskins
Julian Wilson Signature Holbrook Sunglasses
While we're on the topic of Fiji, what better pair of shades to rock in the blinding Fijian sun that the Julian Wilson Holbrook's from Oakley? With Oakley's polarized glass I'll be spotting fish from above and discretely keeping an eye on the potential Model Search talent all the while looking like a fatter, older version of JW.--JC
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Neff Aloha
Mahalo T-Shirt
My aloha shirt addiction is flaring up hard for this Neff creation. It's an Aloha shirt t-shirt! I want one of these because sometimes you just can't be bothered with buttoning up your shirt and you want to just pull one over your head instead. Neff makes bright and fun gear and I need more of that in my life. So Mr. Neff, if you're reading this, I want this shirt. I am actually a very VERY wealthy man so I can probably just buy it, but it's so much fun to get it as a gift. That's the thing with Wednesday Wants, we actually do really want this shit, and this is our way of cyber-begging for it. Is it working? I'll tell you when I'm wearing my new Neff, Mahalo shirt in a week or so.--CC

Recycled Stoke Handplanes
Recycled Skate Deck Hand Plane
I love bodysurfing. I don't get to do it as often as I would like to, mainly because if I have time to get in the water, I generally ride a surfboard. Many purists feel that you shouldn't have to use anything but a pair of swim fins when you bodysurf, I however feel like you can use just about anything to bodysurf with and it just makes it all the more fun. I've shaped my own planes in the past but they always turn out pretty whack. This summer, I'm stepping up my game and planning my hand on a Recycled Stoke Hand Plane. This particular plane was made from a Rob Roskopp eyeball deck and it is about to give me a bodysurf boner! Lets go get pitted!--CC

Air Rifle
Crosman Airgun
MAV 77 Underlever Air Rifle
The crows in my neighborhood are getting out of control--the fuckers wake me up every morning with their guttural "Kaw Kaw" calls and it's driving me insane. I think crows are kind of cool to look at, and I love all animals, but this constant wake up call bullshit is getting to me. I was wondering if it would be okay with ya'll if I buy this amazing Crosman Benjamin MAV 77 to take care of the crow problem? Apparently, It's "a useful tool when hunting small game and varmints." The website says it's easy to use too, "Simply cock the gun once to achieve maximum velocity and power. The fixed barrel design provides excellent leverage when cocking which results in smoother cocking motion." That's a lot of cocking action! Lets do this--who wants to come hunt some crow?--CC

Brig Tide & Train Watch by Jordy Smith
When you're a 9-5 cubicle dweller like me the window for daily surf sessions dwindles. Its unfortunate but that's life, can't tell you how many times I've been late for school, meetings, work, whatever due to fun waves. This watch helps that though and probably will save you from getting fired or kicked out of class for lagging. Vestal, with the help of Jordy Smith, have done a great job with this "Brig" tide watch. They've patented this new "OKTOLOCK" system that basically keeps the watch from slipping around at the same time raises the watch up off your wrist so there is less rubber against your skin making it feel lighter and adds flexibility. Not to mention it looks rad! Go buy this watch, stop being late and continuing the perpetual burnout surfer stereotype.--Matt Sims
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Skullcandy Holua
Holua Earphones
In case you haven't upgrade from the standard white Apple earbuds, it is officially time. Here's the thing: earbuds like Apple's sit just inside your ear and allow outside noise in, whereas in-ear phones like these sit deeper, and go inside your ear canal and let very little ambient noise in. They're a great alternative to super expensive noise cancelling headphones--they're way smaller, don't rely on battery power, and can be more comfy (for one, it's easier to sleep with them on if you're on a plane). The Holua from Skullcandy have a cool look with wood, have great sound, and have an inline mic.--CK
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