Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 6-27

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 6-27
Gearing up for a rad summer! 

Chemistry Surfboards' Wide 6
I've always been interested in boards with channels. For some reason, I thought channels were for power surfers in really good waves. Then I got to talking to Todd Richards from who told me about a new Chemistry board that had channels, but was for normal people in summertime surf. So I thought, 'Hmmmm, maybe I can have my cake and eat it too?' Wait? What the f—k does cake have to do with channels? Anyway, Chemistry has a new model called the Wide 6, and judging by the video of shaper, Jason Bennett, it works really well in Southern California summertime slop—he's ripping. The board looks fantastic, and I want one, there … I said it.—CC

The Walking Dead Escape: Zombie Obstacle Course
Many of you have probably heard about the face-eating going on in Florida, which pretty much tells us that the zombie apocalypse is getting closer than we thought. So, with hoards of walking dead, blood hungry, flesh eaters coming to a town near you—it's probably a good idea to start training. Don't be a dummy, buy your ticket to The Walking Dead Escape on July 12—14—a specifically designed course at Petco Park in downtown San Diego that is filled to the brim with infected zombie walkers—and you have to run, hide, climb, and navigate your way through it without getting touched and infected by a walker—good luck!—CC

Who Farted Wrong? Illustrated Weight Loss For The Mind
Drawings And Stories by Syd Butler
Syd Butler is the bassist of the fan-f—king-tastic indie rock band, Les Savy Fav, and now, he's the author and illustrator of a hilarious new graphic novel somewhere in between The Far Side and the world famous comics that appear in The New Yorker. Syd's warped sense of humor and irony comes across perfectly in these drawings and essays. Don't get me wrong, this book isn't for every sense of humor, but if you're like me, and you celebrate the absurd, you'll like Who Farted Wrong?—CC

Quiksilver Stars And Stripes Boardshorts
The 4th of July is next week, and I've been getting my beach kit prepared for three months. Last week, I got this pair of Quiksilver "Stars And Stripes" boardshorts in the mail and—BAM!—my kit is complete. If you want to find me on the 4th, I'll be at the beach, waving my flag, strutting around in my new red, white, and blue trunks looking like a true American. God Bless America, God Bless my wonderful body, and God Bless Quiksilver for making these trunks for me.—CC

Seckence Surfboards Minilong
It’s summertime! Warm weather, warm water, and there are plenty of distractions on the beach. Unfortunately sometimes the waves can be a little late to the summer festivities. That’s why you need one of these bad boys in the arsenal. It’s shaped like a mini longboard so it catches anything and hovers through flat sections, but turns like my uncles '86 Porsche when you need it to. Ride it as a quad or a thruster. So next time the waves aren't exactly up to par, put down the bocce ball and grab one of these puppies.—Jason Jackson

Xcel HECS Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit
With summer here you gotta be ready for long flat spells and warm, clear water—perfect conditions to go diving for dinner! And while there are a lot of great spearfishing and diving wetsuits out there, this one from Xcel is a bit different. The Xcel HECS has conductive fibers that block the faint electric signals emitted from a human body. In theory, the fibers will block the signals, allowing you to get closer to fish, and therefore getting an easier shot at one of 'em. And as anyone who's ever dove for dinner will tell you, you need all the help you can get! Comes in 3/2mm with no hood and 5/4mm and 6/7mm with a built in hood.—JC

Firewire Potato-Nator
Looking for an epic summer shred sled that can glide through the slop yet also allows you to pivot and ditch the fins when a steep section pops up? Check out Firewire's Potato-nator, it's a hybrid of their Sweet Potato and Dominator models. It paddles great, can be set up as a quad or tri-fin (or even a quad with a tiny trailing fifth fin if you want to get weird), and can be cranked through turns, as well. This thing can turn a tiny and gutless day (and even on up to waist high or bigger) into fun, rippable surf.—CK
$665 to $720

Globe Year Zero Boot
Yeah, we know summer has just kicked off, so sandals are the going to be the footwear of choice for the next few months, but who knows, you might find yourself travelling across the pond for a little European mingling, or up to Montreal for a summer music orgy. If you do, you'll do well in these oxford-style boots.—CK

Adventure Sports Tours (AST) Central America
I'm not sure I'm allowed to want something I've already had, but since I don't have it now I figure it counts. In any regard, the AST multi-country adventure tour is the ultimate affordable summer surf trip. These guys offer something special: Three luxurious properties in three different locations—two in El Salvador (Punta Roca and Las Flores) and one in Nicaragua (Puerto Sandino). And the best part? In as little as one week's time, they can drive you between all three. Last month myself, along with Dillon Perillo, Chippa Wilson, and Nathan Florence did exactly that—scoring at every stop. Check the upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF for the story and photos, and we'll have webisodes dropping from the trip next week.—ZM
MSRP varies per trip and location

Captain Fin Tee
Summer is here and this tee should remind all of us why it's the best time of the year. The new Captain Fin "Back to the Beach" tee nails it! Simple and plain, and whether you're just hanging out, surfing, picking up chicks or just having a few cold ones….it doesn't matter, summer is short, go enjoy it at the beach!—Matt Sims