Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 7-11

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 7-11
8 awesome additions to your summer of fun

The Graph By Vans
I'm not really a shoe guy but have really taken a liking to the new Graph by Vans. It's the lightest shoe Vans has ever made, and much like modern wetsuits, there are very few seams. I wouldn't label them as skate shoes or trainers, rather they seem ideal for cruising around town or a stroll with the lady. What Vans has done is basically strip down the shoe to the essentials, making for a super comfortable and lightweight pair of kicks.—Justin Coté

Jack English Surf Explorers Backpack
Our old pal and renowned surf photographer Jack English has teamed up with Sprayground, a company that makes backpacks with cool and unusual graphics. The fruit of their labor is the "Jack English Surf Explorers" backpack and is covered with Jack's best and most iconic photos. I took one out fishing the other day, and while they're not waterproof, the material is water resistant and the zippers waterproof, making for an ideal pack to bring out fishing the kelp beds or on a long paddle.—JC

Luke Rife

Luke Rife with a backpack full of goodies. Photo: Jack English

Sports Park 60 Wibit
I was just like you. When I saw the photo online of this amazing water world bouncy bonanza I thought that it surely had to be fake. But holy crap friends, it's real and you can buy it now! Wibit is a German company that offers all kinds of awesome water-based play structures from the ever popular trampoline-to-kicker bag to floating, climbable icebergs, to full on obstacle courses (shown here) that can fit up to 60 drunk, I mean, fun-loving friends! I can't imagine a better way to spend a flat day in the ocean that to set up one of these SportParks and just get nuts! Anybody want to pitch in on the best toy ever?—Chris Coté

Brixton Scroll Keychain
Why did I pick a simple keychain to feature for one of my Wednesday Wants? Well, let me tell you a little story. There once was a man who wore tighter than normal pants. And one day he was riding a skateboard to check the waves and out of nowhere, he hits a rock with his front wheel, goes flying on to the asphalt, lands on his hip pocket where his keys were, and by the act of some cruel god, his keys jammed in to his leg causing him to get seven stitches, rendering his surf check useless 'cause he was out of the water for three weeks. True story. Also, keys in your pockets are lame, grow up and lock your keys to your belt like an adult, geez.—CC

The Surfer’s Journal
Everybody knows this is the best surf publication in the world, right? Well, if you don’t here’s a reminder. The Surfer’s Journal is a bi-monthly treasure chest of surf lore, fascinating travel features, beautiful photography, historical works, artist profiles, and so much more. Every issue is a lesson, every word is meaningful, and yeah, you might laugh while reading The Surfers Journal because for as serious and well-researched many of the magazine’s pieces are—there are comedic gems hidden in many passages. Many of you probably think, 'Yeah right, Chris doesn’t read The Surfers’ Journal, he’s not smart enough and he’s too much of a wise-ass." Well, I do read it, I love it, and I subscribe to it—it makes me feel smarter, so there.—CC
$63 for six issues a year

2012 Collection, Mikoh Swimwear One Pieces
Cannes, Galapagos, Montauk and Laguna. Named after the places you want to wear them, the suits from the 2012 One-Piece collection by Mikoh swimwear are elegant, classy and perfect for summer. Girls who wear one-pieces will no longer be declared prudes, as these suits have sexy peek-a-boo cut-outs that hug every curve in all the right places. Mikoh has created four suits that make a statement while also allowing ladies to quit worrying about potential nip-slips or losing our bottoms on big waves. Seamless and hardware free, these one pieces are comfortable, functional and most importantly, bring the boys to your beach towel.—Amanda Martinek

Hinano Milimili Boarshorts
Everyone’s got to have a good pair of boardies for the summer—it’s the one item of clothing surfers can’t live without. Lately all I see is people wearing the same striped 19" boardshort. That’s why I love these, they are completely different and have a cool island style vibe to them. The Tahitian bros at Hinano got it right, how do you say "Yeah mon!" in Tahitian?—Matt Sims

Killer Shark Watch from Freestyle
My bet is that most of America showed their patriotism by wearing all three colors of these Killer Shark watches last Wednesday, while drinking an ice cold silver bullet and lighting off the last of their firework stash from a past camping trip to Mexico… Maybe not, but these things are pretty awesome and come in all sorts of colors, analog or digital. Happy belated day of birth America.—Jason Jackson