Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 7-18

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 7-18
Seven key components to a killer day at the beach

LifeProof Lifejacket
LifeProof Lifejacket

Okay, now that you've got your LifeProof case for your iPhone you're ready to take it into the water and get some cool photo and video. But wait, you'll wanna secure that bad boy in one of their new "Lifejacket" floaties! Bright orange so you can spot it from a mile away should it float away in a rip current, the lifejacket also makes your phone nearly indestructible—you could drop it off a three story building no worries. Perfect for boating or updating your Facebook page from the channel, the lifejacket is available now.—Justin Coté

Nixon WaterlockNixon Waterlock Backpack
In my never-ending quest to bring more shit to the beach, the Nixon Waterlock backpack has become my best friend. Like a normal backpack there are all kinds of pockets and stash spots, but what makes this one different is that there's an inner pack that is water tight and acts like a cooler or a wet wetsuit holder. Last weekend I chose to smuggle a few (meaning 12) adult beverages to the beach—it fit all 12 and a couple scoops of ice no sweat and no leaks.—JC

Town and Country MF-2 Quad
With summer here and south swells starting to pulse through, I'm in the market for a new board. In my neck of the woods, south swells mean long, lined up lefts that I'll be going frontside on. That's where the quad comes in. I'm not a big fan of going backside on a quad, but the speed and drive you get out of a quad going frontside is unmatched. Mix in a legendary shaper like Glenn Pang and you're looking at a magic summer time board.—JC
About $500

Lost Pow Trunks
…Lost Pow Boardshorts

As a child of the 80s, I clearly remember Martin Potter's "The Saint" airbrush and these trunks take me back to those good ol' days. Nice and short so you don't get that awful wrap around the knee when you spin around for a wave, the styling makes me wanna bust out 360s and pop airs just like Martin Potter in his heyday.—JC

Clay Marzo Futures FinClay Marzo Signature Futures Fin
I love all types of fins but sometimes the problem I have is that I'm an average surfer and a lot of fins feel the same. For the Futures Fins Clay Marzo model that's not the case. The Techflex design is awesome! It keeps the fin relatively stiff for drive but flexes at the right times for spring out of a turn. This model also has a wide base that helps big guys like me get speed and drive but has small tips (that's what she said) for the few occasions I can get my fins out of the water.—Matt Sims

Shaka Laka Lip Blaka
Worse than crack. Okay I'm not qualified to say that, but this stuff is addicting. Shaka Laka Lip Blaka comes in a variety of euphoric flavors, each smelling and tasting better than the last. With the Classic Coconut, you are taken directly to an island, Maui Mint leaves you feel refreshed and relaxed, and Pineapple Express is the most delicious, sweet-smelling substance your lips will ever grace. Imagine wearing that while spitting game—guaranteed action.
Beside all the delicious flavors, you can also pick up a pack of Island Breeze which helps support Keep-A-Breast, or the Smooove, which makes a difference for Surfers Healing, a foundation for children with autism. I'd recommend the Mixx Plate 4-pack, so you can get a sample of each. Besides having healthy, refreshed lips, smelling great and now feeling great, you can feel EVEN greater, because these products are made with tubes from recycled material. Each tube comes in SPF 15, and if you want extra protection, the Surfah Blaka comes in SPF 30.—Amanda Martinek
Price: 4 Pack/ $10

The Quiksilver Women's Collection
Stephanie Gilmore just won her fifth world title, and damn, it feels good to be a woman. While women's surfing often gets the short end of the stick, yet 2012 feels like a renaissance. These lady surfers are inspirations and are not afraid to be strong, fierce and independent, while simultaneously looking beautiful, graceful and elegant. And although their surfing speaks for itself, it’s also important how you present yourself to the world out of the water.
The Quiksilver Women's Collection isn't just about clothing; it's about aesthetic. It's about style. It's about lifestyle. It is perfect for all the Roxy girls that have grown up into smart, athletic, beautiful women. Who are inspired by women of poise and icons of style. Who embody the culture of sun, sand, and waves and are not afraid to wear bold pieces that yell costal mindset and an independent spirit. Affordable, comfortable and fun, the Quiksilver Women's collection makes it feel good to be a woman.—AM
Prices range from $25- $124