Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 8-29

Astrodeck Nathan Fletcher Pad
Astrodeck Nathan Fletcher Pad
There's something special about putting an Astrodeck pad on your board—part rebel, part ripper. I was browsing the Astrodeck web page the other day and the first pad they show in the upper left corner is a brand new color way for the Nathan Fletcher pad—blue and yellow, f—k yeah. Obviously the crew at TransWorld SURF are all huge Nathan fans (see last issue) and of course we all wish we could surf like him. Well, this three piece pad with built in arch and 45-degree to vert kick won't give us his power in the water, it could just provide a little bit of inspiration to take our shredding to the next level.—Chris Coté

Ecoxpower Pedal Powered Bike Light/Phone Charger
I love night rides on my BMX bike, I wouldn't say I do it with safety in mind—fast and dangerous would probably be more accurate. Sometimes though, I acquiesced to the right side of my brain and wear a headlamp while I ride, as the headlamp is really the only sort of bike light I have. Not for long though, I just got word of this pedal powered bike LED light that has a phone charger adaptation as a bonus! Here's the spiel, "ECOXPOWER features an ultra-bright LED front headlight and red rear taillight that mounts to your bike's front wheel hub. The included USB adapter cable runs up the front fork and into the handlebar mounted, water-resistant smart phone case." Sounds pretty amazing to me, and I don't have to wear a headlamp or worry about my phone dying on my ride from The Saloon to Fish 101 (about three miles).—CC

Beyond Blazing Boards DVD By Chris Bystrom
The sentimental value of this film to me is unfathomable. This was the first surf movie I ever watched, as one of the few children in the audience at the premiere at the world famous La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, California. From start to finish, Beyond Blazing Boards truly captures the essence of surfing in the mid 80s. All the top surfers were in this film—Tom Curren, Kong, Ronnie Burns, and of course, my favorite, Occy! The music was and still is amazing to this day. Who could ever forget the crescendo of The Untouchables "Wild Child" hitting just as Occy does one of the most radical turn/airs the world ever seen to that point! I have chills just thinking about it, and thanks to my friends at Surfy Surfy Surf shop in Leucadia, California, now I have Beyond Blazing Boards on DVD! Thank you, Chris Bystrom R.I.P.—CC

Intelliskin EVE Shirt 2.0 Designed By Dr. Tim Brown
If you're like me and hunch over your computer all day, you shouldn't just want an Intelliskin shirt—you need one. The specially designed shirt pulls your shoulders back and straightens out your back when you wear it. The shirts can be worn while working out, driving, or just sitting in front of your computer posting amazing content on I don't want to sound like a late night TV infomercial, but, "My always-aching back feels great with the Intelliskin shirt on!"—Justin Coté

Fox Motion Elite Shoe
Fox Motion Elite Shoe
With a gym in the same building as us here at TransWorld, we've become quite the fitness buffs. It's the old "detox/retox" quandary—sweat it out, put it back in. Anyway, your regular old skate shoes don't cut it when you gotta run around the building and hop over obstacles. That's where the new Fox Motion Elite comes in. The guy who kicks our ass over at Ezia, Ryan Gallop, has been rocking these ever since Ian Walsh hooked him up with a pair. And while Ryan ain't Brad Pitt by any means, dude looks pretty sharp in 'em. And if they're good enough for Ryan and Ian Walsh, they're good enough for these office jocks.—JC

Proof's Ontario Skate Collection
I read about these guys making glasses made from recycled skate decks a while back and was immediately intrigued. There's something about a used and abused skate deck that just begs to be repurposed in to something else. Obviously the fine art of Haroshi comes to mind when thinking of the peak of skate deck reuse on a grand scale (if you haven't seen his work, google it now—mind blower). In another example of brilliant skate-deck-repurposing, may I introduce Proof sunglasses' Skate Collection. They hand craft each pair of shades using the color and grain of the skate deck, making each pair unique. These glasses look and feel so organic and somehow have life in them—I know, sounds trippy right? Anyway, check out the Ontario Skate Collection by Proof, soulful, unique, and beautifully used, like your mom.—CC

Bag Of Rhythm From The House Of Marley
Agreeing to put Bob Marley's name on an audio product is a pretty gnarly gesture. After all, Bob Marley is Legend—there's no other Bob on Earth that you can equate with such world-changing music or legacy. "Do you listen to Bob?"—Yeah, we'll all know who you're talking about. So, being that I like to take boom boxes and an iPod everywhere I go, I checked out the Marley line of sound products and found the perfect companion to my beach days, BBQ's, backyard skate sessions, bike rides, etc.—the Marley Bag Of Rhythm is going to be my new friend for a long time. With "twin 1″ tweeters, twin 4.5″ high-definition woofers and a powerful amplifier" this portable speaker bag can easily overpower the sound of my friends making mom jokes all day and the look of the bag is just plain cool. Made using FSC certified birch and recycled plastics, this bag sounds good and is good for you. So, Mr. Marley, could I please have one of these? I'll steady-rock the beach party with Bob Marley b-sides all damn day!—CC

Fender Guitar
Fender Guitars Pawnshop Offset Special
If I had all the money in the world, I would have a serious guitar problem. It's really hard to walk by a music store or look at eBay without ogling guitars. I love guitars (even though I can barely play them). There's something really sexy about a guitar, half womanly sensuality, half manly strength and rock ability. Well, my guitar boner popped up big time when I saw the new Fender Pawn Shop series of specially modified classic Fenders that "draw inspiration from the eccentric and innovative Fender creations of the mid-’60s to mid-’70s era", and are made to look and feel like a treasure you found at a pawn shop. My favorite guitar of the bunch if the Offset special, it's a semi-hollow double-cutaway body with f hole and sleek offset waist, has dual JZHB humbucking pickups with three-way toggle switching, and adjusto-Matic bridge with vintage-style floating tremolo tailpiece—making this guitar f—king awesome. I wonder if my wife will notice 1,080 bucks missing from our account?—CC