The best natural foods to pack for a multi-day camping trip

You’re planning a weekend camping trip when you realize something: you’ve got limited cooler space, and an unlimited appetite. How will you be able to pack enough food to stave off starvation in the farthest reaches of the globe? Or your local campsite?

No fridge out here, folks. Photo: Andrew Scofield/Unsplash

Fear not, intrepid adventurer. For the bounty of nature has blessed us with a variety of fruits, vegetables and legumes that don’t require refrigeration. (‘How did our forefathers survive without electricity?’ you may wonder to yourself, as you reach into your fridge for a perfect nectarine. The world may never know.)

In an effort to conserve precious cooler space, pack these snacks to enjoy on your next short-term camping trip. Not only will they stay fresh, but they’ll keep you nourished and healthy. Just remember to wash fruits and veggies prior to leaving.


The unsung hero of the produce world. Photo: Tim Mossholder/ Unsplash

Sweet, sweet apples. How would we survive without tem? Not only do apples stave off visits to the doctor (remember, one a day folks), they’re also surprisingly resilient. They may bruise if you pack with them with, let’s say, a ton of bricks, or drop your pack off a cliff, but other than that, apples are one of the best fruits to include on a camping trip.

Take care of them, and they will take care of you.


Pro tip: Pack bananas that are slightly green. By the end of your hiking and camping, they’ll be perfectly ripe. Photo: Lotte Lohr/Unsplash

Bananas, the oh-so delicate, sweet cousin of the apple. Just look at them the wrong way, and they’ll bruise before you can say “orange.” Pack them gently, and you will be able to enjoy them the entirety of your trip.


One word: yum. Photo: Jonathan Pielmayer/Unsplash

Carrots are one of the most underrated vegetables out there – yes, we finally said it. Not only are they tasty with a plethora of dipping options (we prefer hummus), but they’re sturdy, and packable, and they’re basically made for a camping trip.

Bonus points if you grew them in your garden before taking them on the road.


The humble beet is really having a moment right now. People are making salads out of them, pickling them, and frantically googling how to remove the subsequent clothing stains that come form slicing them. Truly revolutionary stuff in the world of veggies.

In the same vein as carrots, beets will withstand the rigors of being packed away, thanks to their sturdy nature. If you’d like to bring the pickled version along, we highly recommend placing them in a container with a very trustworthy seal.

dehydrated/dried fruit

Perfect for trail snacking. Photo: Pexels

For fruits that just won’t stay fresh outside the kitchen, bring along a dehydrated version. Things like peaches, nectarines, blackberries and raspberries all taste just as good when they’ve been dehydrated, and they’re some of the easiest snacks you can throw in your pack.

mixed nuts

Pistachios: tasty and portable. Photo: Pexels

You know them from trail mix from over the years, but no camping food list is complete without the staple of mixed nuts. They’re usually combined with dried fruit (see above) and sometimes even chocolate, but even on their own, nuts are probably the easiest snack to bring along on your next adventure. Just make sure to bring enough to share.

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