4 natural ways to repel mosquitoes (and other pesky bugs)

Summer is underway, which means bug season is upon us.

Wanna keep this little guy under control naturally? Photo: Tom/Flickr

Big bugs, small bugs, microscopic bugs. Bugs of every color, shape and size. They are everywhere, and they are plentiful.

If you spend lots of time outdoors and have reluctance toward using chemicals as a defense against these pesky critters, we can relate.

Don’t let pesky pests get in the way of your outdoor fun this summer. Photo: Ben Duchac/Unsplash

Here are a few natural remedies to keep bugs (especially mosquitoes) under control.


Pretty and useful: That’s a combination anyone can appreciate. Photo: Pexels

Plant them in your yard and rejoice. Not only will these flowers spice up your garden, but they’ll also keep annoying mosquitoes out of your yard.


Whether it’s in plant or oil form, citronella is one of the most popular choices when it comes to warding off flying fiends.

The nice thing about citronella is that it’s non-toxic for humans, animals and even the bugs you’re warding off.

Lavender oil

Add “natural insect repellent” to the seemingly endless list of things lavender can do. Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Not only does lavender oil smell delicious, but it’s also a powerful agent against mosquitoes that like to invade your outdoor summer fun.

Coffee grounds

Coffee, you can do no wrong in our book. Photo: Irene Coco/Unsplash

You drink the drink every morning, but what do you do with the byproduct?

Unless you’re composting or making a homemade body scrub, chances are you’re throwing out the very thing that could prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.

Sprinkle the grounds wherever you find stagnant water around your house, and let nature do the rest.

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