11 injured in adventure race accident

The first leg of the adventure race, Dakar Rally, got off to a horrible start Saturday when a driver veered into the crowd in Argentina.

Newcomer, 47-year-old Guo Meiling, lost control of her X-Raid Mini after a jump and hit 11 people, five of which were children.

Emergency crews were immediately called in and two people, a father and a son, were flown to the hospital via helicopter in serious condition.

Chinese driver Guo has dropped out of the race.

The prologue race, in which Guo crashed, gives drivers a small taste of what the entire race is like.

The two-week long adventure course is one of the longest rallies in the world. It also requires drivers to fight fatigue while navigating a difficult off-road course for hours at a time.

Dakar Rally

The driver lost control after going off a jump.

The race continued today, although weather conditions forced organizers to shorten the course from 316 miles to 240 miles.

Helicopters must be able to follow to ensure safety, which is a stage that was cancelled yesterday.

Red Bull is a sponsor for the event and has a team of riders and drivers that compete on two and four wheels.

The race is open to quads, cars, trucks and dirt bikes.

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