Bizarre biker wedding proposal snarls Southern California freeway

It might not have been the most romantic wedding proposal ever recorded, but that involving Hector “Tank” Martinez and Paige Hernandez will forever be remembered by not only the bride and groom, but hundreds of motorists who unwillingly became witness to the bizarre spectacle. Why? Because the proposal occurred in the middle of a Southern California freeway and involved an entourage of more than 300 bikers, who stopped traffic so the proposal could be carried out as family members filmed from an overpass.

Onlookers, undoubtedly, considered the event to be either a major inconvenience or a hugely romantic gesture. With the entire freeway shut down, Martinez climbed off of his motorcycle and onto one knee, as a cloud of pink smoke spewed from his bike, and popped the question.

Thankfully for all involved, Hernandez answered “Yes” immediately, and traffic resumed within about five minutes. Thankfully, also, the proposal was made on a Sunday and not a busy weekend.