Cam Sinclair Defeats His Nemisis, The Double Backflip

Moto X Best Trick was defined by not who was in the competition but who pulled out due to injury. For what was once X Games most hyped and anticipated events., this year was a different story. The biggest names with the biggest tricks were all absent from the event, Travis Pastrana pulled out Wednesday, Jimmy Fitzpatrick was hurt in training, Blake Williams was unable to compete, and 3 time raining champion Kyle Loza was a last minute scratch from competition.

Cam Sinclair got his redemption against the double backflip that nearly cost him his life last year. In his first run, Sinclair went huge, landing the double backflip clean, taking the lead from Robbie Maddison. Pastrana’s double backflip yesterday at the Coliseum took the wow factor out of Sinclair’s trick, but to Sinclair is was all about a personal hurdle, recovering from last years near fatal crash.

Front flip sensation Paris Rosen struggled with the bright lights of X Games. Paris severely under rotated on his front flip attempt, never really having a shot to pull the trick. After several minutes lying on the ground the medical staff promptly removed Paris by stretcher. Initial reports state Paris has movement in all his extremities.

Be sure to check back for the latest information on Rosen’s situation.

1. Cam Sinclair-94.33
2. Robbie Maddison-93.66
3. Taka Higashino-90.66

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images