Dirt bike rider clips Jeep mid-air off jump, is somehow fine; video

Imagine you’re enjoying a nice day in the Qatari Desert on your dirt bike. It’s warm, but not too warm, the sun is shining bright and all your best mates are there. Then you decide to do a tandem jump with a buddy off the 100-foot dune.

But there are also some guys in Jeeps enjoying the day. And they don’t know you’re hitting the jump. But you’re mid-air now, and you didn’t communicate before you jumped that you were hitting it. And OH MY GOD there’s one of the Jeeps right where you’re about to land.

This is not an imaginary tale, as you can see in the above video. It’s an actual thing that happened in the Qatari Desert to dirt bike rider Kal (aka Rabid Leprechaun, according to the YouTube video).

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Somehow, Kal is completely unscathed and didn’t lose control one bit after clipping the hood of the Jeep with his back tire. In the video you can see the rather large indent that the tire made, along with a nice tire mark tattoo.

Another angle of the scary incident.

Easily one of the scariest close calls we’ve seen in a long time, we’re still shaking our heads over this one. Just another reminder to always have a spotter when hitting a jump.