Freestyle Snowmobile Competition makes its way to Wrigley Field

Baseball season is over and since the Chicago Cubs suck they won’t be needing their field anytime soon so Red Bull decided to borrow it for the weekend.

On November 5, eight of the top snowmobilers will ascend into the night sky for Red Bull Fuel + Fury. The freestyle snowmobiling competition will take place outside of Wrigley Field, one of Chicago’s most storied landmarks, in a lot on Clark Street between Addison and Waveland. The contest will mark the first-ever time that professional snowmobiling has laid its tracks at the iconic venue in the heart of the major metropolis.

Freestyle Snowmobiling became popular in the past due to the tours’ presence at Winter X Games in Aspen. The
pinnacle of popularity for freestyle snowmobling came at Winter X Games 13 when Levi LaVallee was oh so close to landing a double backflip on a snowmobile.

LaVallee has played a big part in trying to bring freestyle snowmobiling to the mainstream. In December of 2010 LaVallee was severaly injured in practice attempting to get ready for a world record event on New Years Eve. It’s biiter sweet for LaVallee who still holds the world record for distance jumped on a snowmobile, which he set before his crash. He will serve as the host for the contest.

The lineup of competitors includes Winter X Games gold medalists Daniel Bodin and Heath Frisby, as well as all-stars Eric St. John, Cory Davis, Jimmy “Blaze” Fejas, Fred Rasmussen, Ted Culbertson and Jeff Mullin.

With thousands of cubic yards of woodchips, dirt and turf laid before them, each of the athletes will take to the buried pavement for their shot at one of the most jaw-dropping playing fields the sport has ever seen. The one-of-a-kind track will launch competitors onto a course featuring three steel ramps. Between flips, grabs and big-air tricks, the unrelenting series of kickers will send riders airborne against the silhouette of the historic stadium and Chicago skyline, each ferociously vying to rev his way to victory.