GRC Heads to Texas for Summer X Games Qualifier

The second round of the Global Rallycross season heads to Texas Motor Speedway this weekend, with a chance for competitiors to earn a spot in Summer X Games. The top 12 drivers from the first 2 spots will qualify for X Games, the driving event where true rally skills are put on display.

After Round 1 of GRC last month in Charlotte, concerns were raised about the quality of the event, and whether it was even true Rallycross as the course was paved rather than gravel, dirt, or grass– the typical surfaces of a rally race. Another major blunder in the eye of the fans was the absence of the dirt-to-dirt gap jump, which was replaced by a large speed bump.

Either it was too late for GRC organizers to work with Nascar or they didn’t respond to the outpour of dismay from true rally fans as nothing appeared to change according to Tanner Foust’s latest test video from the Texas Motor Speedway.

Hopefully we are wrong and the race turns out to be as exciting as some of those we’ve seen at past X Games. You can watch the race live Saturday at 4:30 p.m. EST on ESPN 3 and a delayed version at 1 a.m. EST Sunday on ESPN2.

Here’s the current standings: