Greg Hartman calls it quits from freestyle motocross

Six months ago professional freestyle motocross rider Greg Hartman was critically injured while practicing for the 2011 Asian X Games in Shanghai. He misjudged his speed, over-jumped the landing and in just one instance his life changed forever. After being rushed to the hospital, Hartman remained in a medically-induced coma so the swelling in his brain could be closely monitored.

Six months later Hartman sat down to reflect on exactly what happened in China as well as his decision to call it quits as a fmx rider.

Greg Hartman’s story should serve as a reminder to all that these guys put their life on the line every time they take to their bike.

Hartman is faced with a difficult decision faced with his third serious head trauma with great risk for his fourth. Recognizing that he fortunately survived his latest serious injury he thinks it’s not fair to his wife and family to roll the dice on head trauma number four.

Hartman has no plans of getting on his bike to do freestyle motocross rather use his experience to work in the industry to help kids learn to ride FMX safely.