Honda unveils self-balancing motorcycle technology that doesn’t tip over

Ever struggle (or see someone struggle) on a motorcycle at slower speeds or coming out of a stop? It’s not easy balancing all that weight. But with Honda’s new experimental technology, this might be a problem of the past.

It’s called Ride Assist and it essentially self-balances the motorcycle at speeds less than three miles per hour.

According to Gizmodo, when moving at these lower speeds, “the angle of the front fork is automatically lowered to help improve stability. At the same time, minute left and right steering adjustments are automatically made to the front wheel to ensure the motorcycle always maintains its balance.”

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That’s pretty revolutionary. There’s no word if, or when, this technology might be available in a Hondo motorcycle. But it’s certainly something that could be a game-changer for motorcyclists everywhere.

The Honda Ride Assist in action.

The Honda Ride Assist in action.