Introducing the ’07 MX Series Throwback

2007 and 2008 were great years for outdoor motocross. We still had Ricky Carmichael (at select rounds) and James Stewart cruising around our tracks, the economy wasn’t totally in the pot and things were exciting. We decided to dig up the old video footage from when and Racer X ran the Motocross Show as a sort of off-season nostalgia trip down Motocross Lane.

Throughout this series you’re going to get a glimpse at how far motocross media has come, but realize that this industry is still the same. Each weekend dedicated athletes, mechanics and investors from all over the country make sacrifices for the sake of moto.

We hope you enjoy re-living these races as much as we had shooting them.

Up first, Hangtown.

Post-Show 15min 41sec
You couldn’t talk about Hangtown in ’07 without covering the Lawrence and Villopoto scurmish during practice, so there’s plenty of footie in here from that. Charging forward the winners from each race gets the chance to sound off from the podium. Hear a young Ryan Dungey (running number 62) talk about his time in the Lites class, Villopoto cover his angles and more from Hangtown.

The Incident – 4min 53sec
After Jason Lawrence and Ryan Villopoto tangled in practice they were both given a fine and sent on their way. Lawrence also received the last gate pick for the weekend and didn’t have a very successful ride. In this post-race press conference, the AMA addresses the issue and gives both riders an opportunity to tell their side and apologize.

Montage – 4min 59sec
Just some good lookin’ b-roll from the weekend. Enjoy

Ok, that’s it for Friday. See you next week in High Point!