Legendary moto trials riders tackle odd courses

Moto trials

Moto trials rider Julien Dupont rides a roller coaster in an unusual way. Photo is a screen grab from the video

If you thought Robbie Maddison riding a motorcycle off a ski jump was a bit bizarre, how about what two legendary moto trials riders did recently. They took their talents to the extreme and unusual—one on a roller coaster in Mexico City, the other through the halls of an underground ice hotel in Finland.

French moto trials rider Julien Dupont went to the La Feria de Chapultepec Magico amusement park in Mexico and rode what Red Bull called the "world's most terrifying and yet prestigious wooden roller coasters."

Dupont added a few backflips for good measure:

As for Dougie Lampkin, he put on the studded tires and ventured into an icy underground environment in the barren plains and tundra in northwestern Finland. He plied his trade on ice blocks and sculptures of Snow Village, a hotel made entirely of ice.

Dougie Lampkin

Moto trials rider Dougie Lampkin rides hallways of an underground ice hotel in Finland. Photo is a screen grab from the video

"The original plan with Tundra Trial was to shoot the whole thing indoors," Red Bull explained. "However, once director Stu Thomson and crew arrived in Finland, they realized they could give a flavor of the surrounding wilderness. This tree, which had already fallen, was shaped into an obstacle by Dougie's dad (and creative director on set) Martin Lampkin."

It was a good choice. The scenery throughout "Tundra Trial" is beautiful:

So, what could possibly be next for moto trials riders in terms of oddities?

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