Moto Mania

Marketing Nate over here at GrindTV went to the Moto X World Championships last weekend in San Diego. He came back with some sick photos of these nutcases doing what they do. They have to be some of the gnarliest guys around, hands down. I’m no moto guy, but I have tons of respect for what their doing, you don’t really get a total understanding of how crazy they are until you see it in person.

All you have to do is go to an event like the US Open in Huntington or Warped Tour, where there’s a couple different types of slayers around: skate, surf, snow, BMX, whatever. The skaters don’t pay much attention to the surfers, no one pays attention to the BMXers (just kidding), the surfers don’t pay much attention to the skaters, but as soon as you here those high pitch engines, everyone starts to look over.

Among what other group of guys do they talk of broken bones so much. Moto guys talk about broken bones like I talk about hangovers.

Pictures by Nate:



Nate Adams got first.

Twitch apparently wasn?t happy with 3rd and some suits weren?t happy with Twitch

Deagan was there.