Offroad UTV stunts don’t get crazier than the new XP1K4 video

If you’re not familiar with RJ Anderson’s “XP1K” video series, let us provide a quick explainer: Essentially, Anderson takes a supped-up Polaris Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) and drives the heck out of it offroad a la Ken Block’sGymkhana” or BJ Baldwin’sRecoil“.

The major difference between these stunts? Block and Baldwin are doing absurd stunts in vehicles with much bigger engines, much more power, lots more torque and additional safety features. Anderson’s UTV is more like a 168-horsepower go kart, which makes what he does in the latest XP1K4 all the more incredible.

Tackling jumps, a giant skate rail, the wall of death and trails of Southern California, Anderson dropped another winner with XP1K4. The coup de grâce ends up being a legitimately terrifying backflip.

As Anderson said of XP1K4 to Mad Media, “This one took a lot of work, but we wanted to do things that hadn’t been done before!”

Yes, backflips and riding the wall of death in a UTV are not things people see everyday. Well done Anderson, well done.

RJ Anderson with the climax of “XP1K4”. Photo: YouTube

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