Pastrana Double Backflips His Way to Victory

X Games 16 made a triumphant return to the LA Coliseum today with a series of Motocross Events. Moto X Freestyle provided some unexpected excitement. Travis Pastrana more than made good on his $5 bet with Blake “Bilko” Williams by competing in freestyle for the first time since X Games 12, earning himself yet another X Game Gold.

During his victory lap, Pastrana quietly stomped a double backflip with ease at the end of his winning run. He proved his greatness once again making his trademark trick look pedestrian.

Pastrana approached the coarse with creativity, cruising through the coarse like he was on a bmx bike. He used the wall section as if it was a quarter pipe, he back flipped a tiny hit out of nowhere, pulled a double flip when no one was expecting it.

Instead of opting to play it safe knowing he has three remaining events at X Games Travis elected to put on a show, “That double back flip was for the fans.”

Rookie to the X Games, Levi Sherwood won his first ever Silver Medal, while no stranger to X Games hardware, Nate Adams took home the bronze medal.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images