Ronnie Renner takes his bike to the golf course

Ronnie Renner X Games

Ronnie Renner is the two-time Moto X Step Up gold medalist at the X Games. Photo: X Games

Ronnie Renner is best known for his freestyle motorcross prowess.

The two-time Moto X Step Up gold medalist (and owner of the world record for the highest jump out of a quarter pipe) will fight to defend his title at the X Games in Austin, tomorrow.

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But before the festivities ramp up, Renner decided to relax, and spend some downtime hitting the links in San Diego.

Lucky for us, Renner golfs a little differently than most, and he brought a camera crew along to prove it:

That’s Renner launching out of sand traps and tearing through the fairways at San Diego’s Riverwalk Golf Club. It’s safe to say that if more golfers adopted his mode of transportation, the sport would be, if not more interesting, much more thrilling.

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