Why the Sierra is the perfect playground for Weston Peick and friends

toyota, weston pieck Weston Peick isn't afraid of putting in an effort. For a long time, the California native did everything on his own, chasing Supercross success as an independent racer against the well-equipped factory stars.

The years of hard work and determination paid off in 2015 when he was welcomed to top tier AutoTrader.com/Toyota/Yamaha team and rose to the next level. Getting to this point left little time for leisure, but Peick knows how to make the most of his free time.

Toyota, Weston Peick In this episode, we join Weston and two of his close friends, Trevor Dean and Chris See, as they pack a rig full of gear and head for the Eastern Sierras to answer the "Can You Play" rally cry.

The journey begins at the base of the hills, as the guys take their 2016 Toyota Tacoma to the head of the mountain bike trail and shred every inch of single track in sight.

Toyota, Weston Peick, Drew Bezanson From there, it's off to the sand for moto freeride sessions in the dunes and camping under the clear skies.

Toyota, Weston Peick, Drew Bezanson Later the crew runs into fellow Toyota Athlete Drew Bezanson at the motocross track. What breaks out is far from the norm, as they dice in the dirt and turn the Tacoma into another obstacle.

Toyota, Weston Peick The day caps off with the most unusual start to a moto race that we can remember: Weston, Drew and the crew challenge each other to see who's fastest off the line with a pit row team challenge.

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