Spectators narrowly escape terrifying Dakar Rally car crash; video

This year’s Dakar Rally is providing no shortage of incredible tales — as it typically tends to do. While a dirt bike rider was struck by lightning during Stage 3 (yes, he finished the race), during Stage 4 a rally car duo suffered a terrifying roll and nearly killed spectators.

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According to Jalopnik, Carlos Sainz Sr. and co-driver Lucas Cruz came around a turn too quickly, turned over and began rolling down into a ravine. Except there were spectators standing right around the curve.

As the video shows, the spectators were paying thankfully attention and were able to scramble out of the way of the out-of-control rally car. A video filmed from the angle of the spectators (and possibly by one of the spectators), shows just how close of a call this was.

Accidents tend to happen at rally car races, and spectators are unfortunately sometimes left with little they can do. But standing right around a hairpin turn is probably not the smartest idea.

Thankfully, Jalopnik reports that the spectators appeared to have escaped unharmed. As well as Sainz and Cruz, who walked away with minor scratches. They were forced to retire from the race due to the extensive damage their car suffered.

A terrifying crash could have gone much, much worse.

A terrifying crash could have gone much, much worse.