The Moto Show Set to Debut January 4th

A new way for the moto fans of the world to connect to the sport is coming this January 4th with the debut of the Moto Show starring Paul Lindsey and Steve Matthes. This show will be a live look at the sport of supercross/motocross starting at 6PM/9EST every Monday night during the season. This show will be a ground-breaking look at the sport inside and out as Paul and Steve will discuss all the hot-button topics and have the very best guests on as well.

The best part of the Moto Show will be the ability of the fan to call in, spout off and get the answers to the questions that they’ve always wondered about. Lindsey, a former pro racer turned team owner who is now a top agent in the sport and Matthes, a former factory mechanic turned journalist, both have the credentials to know what they’re talking about and the ability to get anyone on the line to talk.

“A big part of the show will be Steve and I talking about what’s going on in the sport at any given moment. All of you people out there that are on the message boards are welcome to call in and tell us what you think. I’m really looking forward to this and think that this show will be a hit” says Lindsey.

“Have you ever wanted to talk to a James Stewart, Chad Reed or better yet, a Tim Ferry? Well this is your chance as we’ll take calls and you can give us and the guest your opinion. It will give the people of the message boards of the world a platform. But you better make it good or we’ll hang up on you!” remarked Matthes.

“We’re so happy to help these guys out, and at the same time get the MOTOWORLDRACING.COM name back in the racing game! The Moto show will be the place to go on Monday nights just like is the place to go for all your motocross and off-road needs, at the best prices on the web! To put it lightly; WE ARE STOKED!” commented Glenn Bagge, Owner/General Manager of

Matthes and Lindsey will take a unique look at the sport with exciting segments designed to break down every angle of the sport. There will also be opportunities for listeners to take home lots of cool prizes.

The show will be recorded live, accessed through and archives will be available on ITunes as a podcast shortly after. In keeping with the theme of really being an interactive experience, there will be a chat room while the show is live as well as Ventrilo, which is a program where all it takes is a quick download, a USB mic and you’re now voice chatting in real -time with other fans. Check it out at

We’re also proud to announce that the Moto Show will also be able to be heard on, which is the 3rd largest sports talk radio show on the net. With over 1.2 million listeners per month, and offering listeners live audio of shows, archives and iTunes downloads for free. carries everything from pro sports to college, with niche programming from The Moto Show, and Blue Zoo Radio to MMA, Pro Wrestling Insider to Vegas Wise Guys and Poker, along with “Straight Talk with Frank Reece” on drag racing. Live and Original STN programming combined with your favorite talk radio stations in your favorite cities.Tune in Wednesday nights at 10pm EST for a re-air of The Moto Show and for instant downloads of the show via iTunes, RSS feed, Windows and WINAMP Hi Speed.

So be in front of your computer on Monday nights at 6PST/9EST for an entirely new way to get your moto information. See you there!