Travis Pastrana and Erik Roner BASE-jump off the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas

In effort to promote this Saturday’s Las Vegas Nitro Circus show at 7 am this morning Travis Pastrana and Erik Roner successfully BASE-jumped off the MGM Grand.

With wind quickly becoming a factor the duo decided to make the jump a head of schedule making the 390 feet plunge to the street. This is the second time the MGM has legally allowed someone to base jump from their hotel. Most of the buildings in Vegas it’s illegal to BASE-jump.

Red Bull must have connections with MGM because the only other time someone was legally cleared to jump was in promotion for Red Bull Cola. Shane McConkey and Miles Daisher successfully made the jump in 2008.

If there’s any excuse to jump off a building, you better believe Pastrana and his crew is going to take full advantage, even if it’s only to promote the tour.

The Nitro Circus crew has been working on filming a full length 3D movie set to be released sometime next year. As for Saturday in Las Vegas the Live Nitro Circus Tour will makes it’s US debut.

The International tour is being billed as the “greatest live action sports show of all time” for its stunning choreographed displays in FMX, BMX and skate, as well as world-first stunts and crazy contraptions launched off the infamous 50-foot high Nitro Giganta Ramp.

In Australia and New Zealand, they successfully completed never before done tricks and this time around there’s hype of them topping themselves with ten different world-firsts.

Make sure to check back for highlights from the weekend in Las Vegas.

Credit: Jeff Bottari/AP Images for Nitro Circus LiveNitro Circus Live stars Travis Pastrana and Erik Roner after BASE-jumping off of The Signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas in preparation for the show’s North American debut at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, June 4.

Credit: Jeff Bottari/AP Images for Nitro Circus Live

Credit: Jeff Bottari/AP Images for Nitro Circus Live.