Travis Pastrana breaks Mount Washington Hillclimb rally car record; video

Travis Pastrana is one of those rare humans who excels at anything he attempts. And for Pastrana, excelling essentially means becoming the best and breaking records.

Earlier this week, Pastrana was in New Hampshire to partake in the Climb to the Clouds rally car race up Mount Washington. One of the steepest, narrowest and harrowing hill-climbs around, Pastrana not only raced and won, but he smashed the record to the top of 6,288-foot summit by nearly 25 seconds.

Driving a Subaru WRX STI with a specially fitted 600 horsepower engine, Pastrana broke the 2014 record of 6:09.09 by David Higgins twice: once with a first try of 5:46.28 up the 7.4-mile course and then a second, better time of 5:44.72.

The course up Mount Washington is one of the most treacherous in all of rally racing. Steep, loose-graveled roads barely wide enough for one car offer hairpin turns with fateful drops off cliffs looming over the side. Essentially, it is not a road people normally feel comfortable driving up, let alone breaking speed records up.

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But such is the mindset of Travis Pastrana, as we have witnessed time and time again from the motorsports legend. Pastrana’s Subaru teammate David Higgins (a former record holder) took a spill off the side during the event, showing just how difficult the course is even for one of the best. Thankfully, Higgins didn’t fall off one of the cliffs and was alright.

As for Pastrana, well, it’s just more from the G.O.A.T. when he gets on the bike or behind the wheel.

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