Travis Pastrana is Mr. GQ

Not really known as a smooth dressing ladies man that he appears to be in these photos, but Travis Pastrana cleaned up nicely for the newest edition of GQ Magazine.

Some could argue putting on these high fashioned suits for the photo shoot may be a more difficult task than jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. We must admit, he does look pretty good in a suit. Check out the full story from GQ Magazine.

As the buzz from the feature in the latest GQ circulates, Pastrana prepares himself for another Nascar event; the K&N Pro Series East race at Richmond International Raceway.

So far, his first year attempting to compete in Nascar has been up and down, nothing he didn’t expect because with all things new comes a learning curve. So far, Pastrana’s toughest hurdle has been negotiating the “roll speed.” They way he describes roll speed is the amount of brake vs acceleration heading into a turn. For motocross and rally car if your caring too much speed you can brake then turn and be ok, in Nascar the emphasis is more on getting into the corner.

It’s challenges like this that will take some getting used to for Pastrana and his team, but from reading his latest blog entry, it’s one challenge he looks forward to overcoming, “This is what I signed up for and it won’t be easy, but I still want to give it a shot, I’d like to see where I compare to other drivers in a nationwide car, and hopefully, one day in a Sprint Cup Car. It would be cool to someday have people say, “That guy can drive, He’s not just a motocrosser.”

UPDATE FROM YESTERDAYS RICHMOND RACE– Pastrana competed in both events, had plenty of bad luck – wrecking in both races. He was 33rd in the East race, three laps down, and finished 31st of 36 cars in the Showdown after completing only one lap.