Watch: Motorcyclist lucky to survive this highway crash

A Minnesota motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after being thrown off his bike when he ran over an improperly secured load that fell off the back of an SUV.

The terrifying incident was captured on another driver’s dashcam:

The above video comes from Interstate 94 in Woodbury, Minnesota, and shows 20-year-old Brendan Jankowski of Hudson, Wisconsin riding his bike home on June 18 when the floating foam pad (that appears to be) strapped to a boat hitched to an SUV flies off into the middle of the highway.

Unable to avoid the huge foam pad, Jankowski collides with it and goes airborne, crashing hard before getting thrown off his motorcycle into the highway.

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By some miracle, Jankowski avoids being run over by any passing cars, and after being transported to a local hospital for treatment, walked away with only minor injuries. Unfortunately for Jankowski, his bike wasn’t so lucky; it was wrecked in the accident.

“I’m grateful that I got away lucky,” Jankowski told KARE11. “But it’s still unfortunate that I lost a bike due to something as simple as tying something down.”

Fortuitously, he was likely saved by the fact he was wearing a helmet as well as a riding jacket — the latter of which he told FOX9 he had purchased not even an hour prior to the crash.

motorcyclist crash in Minnesota

The horrifying moment Jankowski went airborne after hitting the foam pad.

"I just bought the jacket that day thinking I'd come back next week and get the gear and have the full set," Jankowski told the news station. "I happened to use the jacket I just bought to help save me quite a bit of pain."

The video was published to YouTube and Facebook on Monday, amassing nearly 2 million views across the social media platforms.

“I don't want to see something like that again,” Linda Leverty, the Minnesota woman who captured the video, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “It totally surprised me that he was able to stand up and walk to the side of the road.”

Unfortunately for Jankowski, the SUV trailing the boat did not stop after the incident, and investigators in the state are still attempting to track down the car and its driver.

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