Will 2012 Moto X Best Trick Live up to the Hype?

At X Games, Moto X Best Trick is similar to the NBA slam dunk contest–tons of pre-hype leading into the event, and unfortunately very little pay-off the night of the event. Each year heading into the competition, riders proclaim a new trick they have prepared for X Games, and year after year very few actually land them.

This year is no exception as five of the riders head into competition with hopes of landing a never-before-seen trick. Jackson Strong’s perfectly landed front-flip earned him gold last year, and this year he plans to debut a trick he’s calling the Bulletproof Tiger.

Clinton Moore has been perfecting the 720 in a foam pit and is ready to bring in the X Games. The 720 is the same trick Travis Pastrana has been unable to land the past two years.

However, a trick that seems incredibly difficult might just be possible explained Moore’s manager Steve Sommerfeld in an interview with ESPN: “”If he uses the power of the bike on the ramp to get the spin and flick it, it’s too hard to control the bike for landing. That’s when the bike pans out and goes flat. If he goes a little slower and uses his body to control it, it’s harder to get the rotation but he can guide it in for landing and stay on top of the bike.”

Kyle Loza’s determined to avenge his failed attempt to land the bike flip at last year”s Monster Energy Cup when he was forced to bail halfway through the attempt. Even though Loza has seen success in the past at X Games, he’s has been a non-factor in recent memory.

Canadian Bruce Cook will be making his first appearance not only to X Games but any type of freestyle competition with plans for a “let go” backflip. Riders who have no experience with the bright lights of the X Games have not faired too well in the past, so it will be interesting to see how Cook handles the pressure. Metal Mulisha rider Taka Higashino also has plans to bring his rock solid “let go” backflip to the Staples Center on Friday.

Let’s hope for the sake of good television and for the sport of freestyle that all four of these guys land successfully and force the judges to make a tough decision on whose trick was better.

Tune in Friday night, 8:15 p.m.- 9 p.m. PST

Photo courtesy of
C.Van Hanja/ESPN Images