Activewear brand in trouble for yoga photo shoot in protected Hanging Lake

A Brazilian activewear company is in hot water after after posting a photo to Instagram earlier this week showing models performing yoga on a floating log inside of Colorado’s famed Hanging Lake, according to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

Per the Independent, on Wednesday, Liquido Active posted a photo of a photographer standing in Hanging Lake shooting two yoga models striking a pose on the iconic log that runs through the middle of the lake.

There are multiple signs posted in the area expressing that swimming in the lake and standing on the log are strictly prohibited. And shortly after posting the photo, outdoor enthusiasts aware of that fact flooded Liquido Active’s social media pages with comments admonishing them for the photo shoot.

The controversy really picked up steam on Thursday when an Instagram account dedicated to shaming people who disregard rules in the Colorado backcountry reposted the photo from Liquido Active’s account.

Liquido Active subsequently took down the post and issued an apology on both Instagram and Facebook owning up to their mistake, and claiming they failed to “research” the rules around Hanging Lake prior to the photoshoot.

To our beloved community, Our hearts could not be more heavy. As ALL of you know that follow us & do business with us we celebrate & are in awe of nature. We use nature shots in the majority of our posts because we resonate & want to be in the flow with our great mother earth. We have learned a hard, painful lesson to research our photoshoot destination spots. In the spirit by which we operate, we have made a substantial donation to Colorado Parks and Wildlife & Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. Most importantly, ALL proceeds from Hanuman Festival will be donated to the preservation of Hanging Lake. Again, with great humility & a heavy heart, we ask the beautiful state of Colorado to accept our sincere apology. We would appreciate the help of our community to turn this negative into a positive. Help us design a positive campaign to raise the awareness so mistakes like this can be avoided in the future. With all our love & deep respect for our great Mother Earth….. Liquido Active

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Liquido Active’s owner, Renata Facchini, doubled down on the brand’s apology in an interview with Colorado’s 9News, and claimed ignorance to Hanging Lake’s ban on swimming.

“I’m so sorry. It was a very bad mistake. I’m so sorry,” Facchini, who was present during the photoshoot, told 9News. “To be honest, I didn’t see any signs,” Facchini said. When we got there, a guy was swimming,” she said. “It didn’t even cross my mind. I’m so sorry for that.”

Unfortunately for Facchini, many commenters on the brand’s Facebook page weren’t buying the apology. As many users remarked, there are large signs posted throughout Hanging Lake noting that both entering the lake and standing on the log are prohibited.

“Not sure how much more “research” needed to be done at Hanging Lake, considering there are LARGE signs stating why it is SO IMPORTANT to stay out of the lake due to its fragile ecosystem,” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Seriously … it is as easy as reading. Everyone involved in that shot had to walk by those LARGE signs to get into the lake and take the photo. If one of them, just one had stopped and read, you would not be subjected to such backlash. Seriously, not okay.”

And, in more bad news for Liquido, the fallout from the photo might not be over yet: The Post Independent reports that the U.S. Forest Service is investigating the incident.

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