Big Sur Pfeiffer Bridge to reopen after just 8 months of construction

Say goodbye to “Big Sur Island,” folks.

As reported by KSBW8, on Oct. 13, the Pfeiffer Bridge, which connects Big Sur to the surrounding area, will reopened to the public.

Construction on the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. Photo: Courtesy of Caltrans

This winter’s endless deluge of rain caused massive landslides in the area, causing the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge to fail in February, according to KSBW8.

On the south side of Big Sur, Highway 1 was blocked by the Mud Creek landslide. Residents of the area were forced to use a hiking trail that was cut out through the canyon to enter and exit the Big Sur area.

According to KSBW8, because of the nature of the situation, construction was expedited, taking what would normally be a seven-year project and turning it into an eight-month one.

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SFGate reports that the new bridge, which they refer to as a “major feat of engineering,” measures 310 feet long and weighs an estimated 900 tons.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held for the reopening on Friday, Oct. 13.

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