Climbers capture video of massive avalanche

Some unidentified climbers in Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans, France, were fortunate to have been on the right side of the mountain when a massive avalanche of snow and rocks came crashing down on the other side of the mountain. One climber apparently heard the beginning roar of the avalanche and started filming. The sound alone gives you an idea of the power of the slide, which appeared to have dammed up the river below. Watch:

Avalanches and landslides of rock are said to be common in the area, and one commenter said access to the area of the slide was prohibited. Skipass, where the video was posted with other area avalanches, urged "prudence in the mountains," particularly with the mass of snow accumulation found throughout the area.

We have one word for the climbers being in the right place: Lucky.

One climber’s reaction? “Oh la la.”