Diver captures extremely rare footage of ‘megamouth’ shark off Indonesia

On Tuesday, Isle of Man-based scuba diver Penny Bielich was diving off the coast of the northernmost part of Komodo Island in Indonesia when she spotted an elusive megamouth shark, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The video footage below shows the shark non-threateningly cruising along, very close to Bielich:

While there is little known about the species, they are not a threat to humans. Ever since their discovery in 1976, there have been only 63 confirmed megamouth sightings, with Bielich’s being number 64. They can live up to 100 years and grow to 17 feet in length, reports the Daily Mail.

“Megamouth shark! Privileged to see this magnificent creature with Heikki Innanen only 63 sightings ever! 64 now,” Bielich was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying on her Instagram.

Megamouth sharks primarily feed on krill. They swim through the water with their large mouths wide open, filtering the shrimp-like krill (among other things) through the inner lining of their gills. And while sightings of this mysterious creature are extremely rare, most have been seen in Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines, according to the Daily Mail.

h/t Daily Mail

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