One man’s quest to build a tsunami survival life capsule; video

After the disastrous earthquake-induced tsunami that hit Japan’s eastern coast in 2011, Chris Robinson became obsessed with helping people better survive a natural disaster like that. His main focus since then has been his idea the Tsunamiball.

Initially, Robinson thought that a ping-pong ball shape would be best. Over time he stretched the design out for the current state that is more like a capsule.

“Almost everything I’m doing here is brand new to me,” Robinson confides. “I’ve made mistakes from day one. You just hope you survive the mistakes long enough so that you can make progress. And then you can learn.”

Chris Robinson and his Tsunamiball. Photo: YouTube

It will have electric motors with solar panels on the outside and batteries to harness the energy. This will also allow you to navigate the capsule back to shore or to help others.

While this is by no means the only project of this sort (the Survival Capsule is something that is essentially already a reality), it is a remarkable undertaking by Robinson who views it as an adventure with the goal of one day helping people.