Primitive booby trap discovered on trail at San Diego wilderness park


Sharpened booby trap with blood on its end was discovered by a woman hiking with her dog.

Hikers and mountain bikers in San Diego County are urged to pay close attention while on area trails, after a woman discovered a bloody punji-stick booby trap protruding from the ground at Mission Trails Regional Park.

Laura Carter discovered the primitive trap – punji sticks were used in the Vietnam war; they’re essentially sharpened sticks designed to impale anything that runs into them – Sunday while hiking with her dog.

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The stick had apparently injured an animal, as there there was blood on its sharpened end. Carter, who tossed the stick into a canyon, later shared her discovery on Facebook, generating concern.

"What causes a person to be so incredibly evil, that they would come out into this beautiful environment and wish to hurt and kill people, and maim them?" Kevin Loomis, president of the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, told 10 News on Thursday.


Hikers ascend a trail in Mission Trails Regional Park. Photo: Mission Trails Regional Park

East County Emergency Updates, a community-themed Facebook page, issued a warning early Thursday, stating:

"This concerns the rangers, that if this one was found in a very remote area west of Santee, are more hidden on the other 60 miles of wilderness trails?"

Mission Trails Regional Park, which encompasses 6,800 acres of wilderness and boasts 60 miles of trails, is located eight miles northeast of downtown San Diego.

Tim Graham, a spokesman for the park, told GrindTv that as soon as rangers were notified of the discovery “they canvassed all of the trails and found no other devices."

Graham added, "As always, if you see something suspicious, don't touch it, and get on the phone and give us a call. But the rangers are definitely on notice, and they're doing whatever they can to keep the trails safe."

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