Show your National Running Day spirit with #SeeMyRun

In celebration of National Running Day, New Balance is fueling an experiential campaign via Instagram with hashtag SeeMyRun (#SeeMyRun).

In response, the running community has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to post and share inspirational images of their neighborhoods, accomplishments and racing-firsts.

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With 15,000 new posts (and climbing), assailing from all corners of the globe, it's evident this hashtag hasn't even hit a proverbial stride.

So what are you waiting for? Show the world where you run.

@desplint found her footing in the Los Angeles, San Gabriel Mountains.


@RunningCharlotte is fired up in Cap Corse, Corsica. Translation: "Sea, sun and Mediterranean #Corsica adore you!”


@thehopefactory is showing his pride in his mountainous hometown.

Happy National Running Day!

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