Short space film ‘SOLUS’ big on emotion

space films

Zac Dixon’s “SOLUS” explores the loneliness of space travel. Photo is a screen shot from “SOLUS”

Like outer space itself, Hollywood's fascination with interstellar exploration seems endless. From the nail-biting exhaustion of watching “Gravity” to the eardrum-pounding score of “Interstellar,” we thought we'd about hit our space quota for 2014.

That's when we caught wind of “SOLUS,” a short film about the loneliness, adventure, and self-sacrifice of space exploration that does for our tear ducts what we thought Disney's chin-wobbling montage in “Up” had the power to do.

Filmmaker Zac Dixon, a self-proclaimed sci-fi fan, says he was inspired by "classic 2D side-scrollers" seen in classic videogames like Asteroids for the minimalistic film. In fact, most of the emotion of the piece comes from the soaring orchestral score, which mimics the same cold and empty sound that drove the narrative in “Interstellar.”

“SOLUS,” though short, is a powerful story that's going to make gathering with our families around the Christmas tree all that much more special.

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