Red Bull builds Olympic hopeful Bobby Brown the park of his dreams

It must be nice to be Bobby Brown.

The Olympic hopeful and golden boy of freeskiing dreamed up an impossible slopestyle course, and when his friends over at Red Bull heard about it, they went ahead and built it for him. In collaboration with California’s Kirkwood Mountain Resort and Snow Park Technologies, the popular energy drink constructed the Red Bull Megaslope—a 2,750 vertical foot behemoth of a slopestyle course with six innovative features straight from the brain of Brown. Construction took more than 1,200 hours, and in the end the entire backside of the Northern California resort was transformed into a massive trick zone.

In this short video, Brown lived his dream on a bluebird spring day and chose four of his favorite skiers to enjoy the spoils. Gus Kenworthy, Russ Henshaw, PK Hunder, and Brown’s younger brother, Peter Brown, took to the course in one of the biggest park sessions in recent history. Hey Bobby, looks fun, but where’s my invite?