Heidi Kloser featured in ad despite mishap

Heidi Kloser

Heidi Kloser, shown in Liberty Mutual ad; photo via screen grab

Olympic moguls skier Heidi Kloser never got to compete at the Sochi Winter Olympics, but she landed in a commercial nevertheless.

Kloser, 21, is the one who blew out her knee in a training run the day before the opening ceremony and who famously asked her mother, "Am I still considered an Olympian?"

She is, and now Kloser is hitting the limelight with Liberty Mutual highlighting her story in this advertisement featuring her and her parents:

Liberty Mutual wrote on its post that “Heidi is determined to RISE for a second shot at her dreams in 2018. This is her journey.”

“It all happened so fast,” she says in the ad. “I've always wanted to be an Olympian, and I didn't want that dream to be shattered just because I fell.”

Emily Kloser assured her daughter that she is still considered an Olympian.

“It's a challenging time,” Heidi Kloser says, “but when I make it to the next Olympics it will all mean so much more.”

You've got to love that spirit.

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