Olympic snowboarder Torah Bright’s travel essentials

Torah Bright

Olympian Torah Bright keeps some essential items with her whenever she travels. Photo by Matt Georges, courtesy of Roxy

Australia isn't a country typically associated with snow—or snowboarding. So when snowboarder Torah Bright brought home Australia’s fourth-ever Winter Olympics medal by winning gold in the women's halfpipe in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2010, it was big news. Four years later, the reigning Olympic champ is still one of the best pipe riders in the world, and is a favorite going into the upcoming Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado as well as the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In addition to hoping to bring home another medal in halfpipe, Bright is looking to qualify for the Olympic finals in snowboard cross and the newly added slopestyle event.

Bright’s got a few tricks up her sleeves to help her prepare for the upcoming Games. "The key is not to change your mindset," she says in an interview with GrindTV.com. "The Olympics is just another snowboarding event, only with a lot of attention around it. With two Olympic experiences under my belt, I sure won't be doing anything different than I do on a normal riding day, in a normal winter season."

Torah Bright

Torah Bright took home Australia’s fourth-ever Winter Olympics medal when she won gold in 2010. Photo by Nick Hamilton, courtesy of TransWorld Snowboarding

Even so, living under the high-pressure and Olympic-fueled media microscope can make life on the road particularly tough, which is why Torah is just the girl to reach out to to find out what sort of items are essential for traveling. We caught up with Torah recently to see what her travel essentials are. Here’s what she had to say.

As a snowboarder from Australia you must be super familiar with living out of a suitcase. What are a few of the things that always make it into your bags when you pack for a snowboard trip or contest?

I will always have my vitamins and a protein powder with me. My Midnight Blue 2 nail polish (to do some painting when I just want to have a girl moment), a book to read, and an episode or two of "Revenge." It’s my favorite TV show right now! Also new music or movies to veg out with.

Torah Bright

Torah Bright doesn’t like to request specific music during pipe runs because it distracts her from airs like these. Photo by Matt Georges, courtesy of Roxy

What kind of music do you like? 

I love all music! My playlist is quite vast, from golden oldies to current hits. It’s quite eclectic, I’d say. One of my favorites right now is Mumford and Sons. They are pretty popular, but I love them.

Are there certain songs or albums you like?

Umm, I’m just so bad with names, and I’m always a bit late to the party on new music, too. Like, I just heard Katy Perry’s “Roar”—just. How long has that been out? Everybody is like, “Six months ago we were listening to that.” So, I’m a little late but that one is fun right now.

I have never listened to music [during snowboarding] because it distracts me. Today I requested Katy Perry’s “Roar” [in a practice run] and I was mid-run, doing a trick, and I’m like “Yeah, like a tiger. You’re gonna hear me roar!” I’m singing it as I’m riding. I’m like, that’s why I don’t get invested in what music I have playing [over the loud speaker] or in my ear [during runs] because I would prefer to sing and dance to it. I have to stay focused on what I am doing, you know?

Do you have specific bags that you like to use on the road to keep you organized? 

Everywhere I go, my trusty Roxy board bag goes with me. For carry-on, I combo my Roxy Drifter backpack with a handbag.

How about a trusty in-flight uniform for those long days on the plane?

Comfort is key. I wear stretchy Roxy Sunburner jeans with a cozy cashmere sweater.

Torah Bright

Roxy’s Sunburner jeans, Drifter backpack, and Vermont board bag are Torah Bright’s travel staples along with a good book, some Aussie chocolates, nail polish, and a few episodes of her favorite TV show.

Do you have a specific nutrition plan that you follow on the road or off? 

I love sugar, so that's the only thing I try to monitor. Otherwise, meats and veggies are a favorite of mine—I like to eat pretty simply.

What are your favorite sweets?

My favorite sweets, umm, I am more a chocolate girl than a sweet girl. But, I love sugar so I will eat anything. Yeah, definitely just a kind of dairy milk chocolate kind of girl, nothing special.

Are there Australian chocolates that you like?

Yeah, Caramello Koalas. They are these little chocolate pieces that are in the shape of a koala and in the middle is caramel—they are so cute, too.

Have you read any good books lately?

"Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton.

Thanks Torah! Good luck in Sochi!

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