Nick Goepper seeks valentine via social media

Nick Goepper

Nick Goepper tweeted this photo, seeking a Valentine

Olympic freeskier Nick Goepper is in need of a date, or as he put it on Valentine's Day, a valentine.

So desperate is the bronze-medal winner in ski slopestyle that he has resorted to social media to find a date following the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Goepper, 19, told Us Weekly that he will choose one female fan to go on a date with him wherever he is training at the time. She will be flown out to his location.

Nick Goepper

Nick Goepper also tweeted this photo

To qualify, ladies only need to "post something creative" and "catch my attention" via Twitter (@NickGoepper), Facebook, or Instagram with a #IWantToDateNick hashtag.

"I just want them to fall in love," he told Us Weekly in Sochi. "Love is the most powerful emotion out there. [I'm looking for a] super fun, easy relationship."

As for the date, "I'm just gonna surprise them. Dinner and maybe a sleigh ride. Maybe some skiing. We'll see."

In announcing his "Nick needs a valentine" campaign, Goepper posted a series of tweets: "It's Valentine's Day ladies!!" followed by "'Ya hah-chi loob vee' I'm looking for love—in Russian" followed by "Is there ANYONE out there generous enough to be my Valentine?" He then tweeted the above photos.

Looks like @rachweil has the inside track with a twitpic of she and Goepper standing together. Goepper tweeted she "is killing it right now with the photoshop. This is what's good!"

OK, ladies, you know what to do.

Nick Goepper

Nick Goepper received this tweet from @rachweil

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